ALZHEIMER: Its Causes and the effect of CBD on it

“Alzheimer” – have you heard about it? This is a neurodegenerative disease commonly found in oldies as above 65. Its symptoms are found slowly and gradually. There are several symptoms of Alzheimer out of which, some are memory disorder, madness, personality changes, the decrease in ability to think and all such mental disability. All these symptoms start with a slow pace and go on increasing with time. As the disease progresses with time, it becomes difficult for them to take care of themselves.  There are very little chances to cure Alzheimer but the pace of its progression can be slowed down with cannabis induced CBD Candy and CBD tea.


It can be prevented

The mystery behind the human neural network is very complex and neurologist is still confused regarding some neural disease. But then too, it is believed that if one’s brain tissues are healthy then there are very fewer chances of neurodegenerative disease. If you do regular physical and mental exercise, then your neural network remains healthy and you can avoid such mental disease like Alzheimer. The other way of staying away from such disease is the intake of CBD induced products like hemp CBD tea because CBD has such exogenous compounds which maintain the balance of chemicals in the brain. CBD is very much helpful in preventing Alzheimer because CBD is neuroprotective and antioxidant in nature. It also increases the growth of neural tissues. Regular consumption of cannabis not only slows down the effect of Alzheimer, but it also helps to reduce the number of victims.

Cannabis is neuroprotective in nature

Alzheimer is directly or indirectly related to immune inflammation. Inflammation causes stress and further it is responsible for reducing the antioxidant capacity of neural cells. Hence oxygen species is produced and fatty acids and proteins present in cell membrane react with these species.  As a result, neurons in the brain gets damaged which leads to mental disability and several other neurodegenerative diseases. Several types of research have been carried out regarding this issue and at last the conclusion and overall solution were cannabinoids. Cannabinoids through its neuroprotective nature protect neurons and reduce the number of brain cells from getting damaged.

Cannabis is a boon to human. It can not only deal with mental disorders but it is the solution to many other problems related to skin, hair and several other serious diseases like diabetes, insomnia, stress and inflammation. So have CBD and see the miracle. I am sure that you will get rid of your problems.